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Spectacular Costa Rica Fishing - Your Guide to Where and When to Go

If you can't wait to break out from Old Man Winter, a Costa Rica fishing experience may be simply what is going to recharge your batteries! There are several Costa Rica excursion packages available online for sportfishing. With dozens of fishing world fishing facts to its credit, Costa Rica is said to have the high-quality ocean fishing within the world.

Sure, you can dip a line in a a touch frozen lake or stream with the aid of your private home. Those little crappies and sunnies were a laugh when you have been growing up. Long-johns, parkas, and electric socks and sitting for hours on stop over cold ice, your butt numb from bloodless and sitting in a touch ice shack all day.

You are a big kid now. Is it not time to have large kid fishing? Trade in shoveling snow 'til your lower back aches, a runny nose and depressing climate for shorts and a funny looking tropical blouse. Put away your Chapstick, get out your suntan lotion, head to tropical beaches wherein you may be fishing in crystal waters with not a care in the world.

Do now not know where or whilst to take that Costa Rica fishing trip? No worries. Here is the directly thin.

Start with the basics. Just more than one hours south of Miami lies Costa Rica. With about 780 miles of shoreline on two high-quality oceans, it's miles a salt water fishing mecca. So many places to fish, in which to begin?

Here is an idea. Follow Columbus. More than 500 years ago, that famous explorer landed on the Caribbean coast in a place so notable he named it----Costa Rica---the Rich Coast. It changed into filled with fish, thick with sea turtles. Since it changed into suitable sufficient for Columbus, it is ideal enough for you, intrepid fisherman.

On the Atlantic coast, you'll locate the arena-famous Tortuguero National Park and Barra del Colorado fishing waters as much as the Nicaragua border. The seas here can be very choppy however when the waters are flat, that is fishing paradise! From May to November, the silver preventing tarpon is bountiful here, and they could obtain weights of to one hundred fifty pounds. If you are very lucky, you might land a rare Atlantic sail. This is also a awesome location for big snook. Jack Crevalle, guapote, massive grouper, and tripletail also can be stuck right here. And, make certain to go to the sector famous inexperienced sea turtle nesting beaches at Tortuguero.

To get to either Barra del Colorado or Tortuguero National Park, you'll should move via boat due to the fact there aren't any roads. This is wilderness united states. Typically, people travel to Limon, a small Caribbean community, charter aircraft, automobile, or explicit bus, then head north on watercraft.

But---and this is a mystery---some of the really exceptional tarpon fishing anywhere within the world now has a street right to it! Literally just a few kilometers from where Columbus made landfall is a place that a few fishermen call the "mom lode" of tarpon and snook fishing. Check out Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Reserve along the southern Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, almost at the Panama border.

Deserted seashores for miles, crystal clear waters, and while the tarpon are in, appropriate fishing. Fishing is good 12 months-round right here however the fine months for tarpon normally are March, April, May and September via October. And, If you come back among March and July, you will additionally be capable of see the ocean turtles nesting.

Another outstanding region for a Costa Rica fishing vacation is its North Pacific coast. This area is known as the "Gold Coast" due to its services and is effortlessly reached. Simply fly into nearby Liberia International Airport in which you'll be just a quick force far from your waiting boat. You will discover the fishing facilities of Tamarindo and Flamingo with miles of excellent seashores and plenty of Costa Rica points of interest. If you're looking for sailfish, go to this coast between May and August for the fine fishing, although those fish are right here year-round, too. From August to October, you may locate massive colleges of various tuna species with a few weighing as much as four hundred kilos and lots of exceeding 60 pounds. Catch the shoreline-residing roosterfish here November to March not some distance from the Papagayo Resort. You additionally have a good danger of struggling with huge marlin, wahoo, and brightly coloured dorado fish.

Many traffic fishing in Costa Rica are searching out billfish and these beauties are very not unusual along the Central Pacific coast. Drive to global well-known Los Suenos Marina or the little metropolis of Quepos and charter into the offshore waters to seize marlin and sailfish. December through April is the excellent time to catch those combatants. The colourful dorado fish is frequently discovered right here May to October at the same time as trolling. Closer to shore, folks generally capture snapper, snook, roosterfish, and wahoo. Tuna are offshore.

Finally, for lots, Costa Rica fishing paradise is located at the southern Pacific coast down to Panama, off Puerto Jiminez, Golfo Dulce, and Drake Bay. When the water is heat, sails and marlin are abundant. Inshore, you will probably run into roosters, huge snapper, wahoo, and amberjack. The Golfo Dulce is reported via charter operators to offer the finest inshore fishing in Costa Rica. This is as it carries many small coves and may be very rocky, giving fish a exceptional area to hide. There are plenty of sorts of fish right here, inclusive of huge groupers, delectable sea bass, and the toothy barracuda. Sometimes, you may have hundreds of porpoises round your boat as they observe the bait fish.

Of course, you can best capture the Big One in case you are fishing for the Big One. So, turn off your laptop, bid your comrades a fond adieu, and take that lengthy wished Costa Rica holiday.


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