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Playing For Change, the Project to Bring About Peace Through Music

Playing For Change: Peace Through Music has been known as a Global Phenomenon in the manner it touches anybody related with the challenge and draws new audiences around the world. Following its award-triumphing documentary that ran on PBS-TV during August of 2009, PFC launched a national tour at The Birchmere in suburban Washington, DC. The subsequent pass-united states of america exposure quick attracted over 20 million hits on You Tube of the video overall performance of "Stand By Me" and the CD debuted in Billboard's Top Ten. Not incredibly, the band contributors gained ardent supporters after they seemed stay on fundamental television news and speak suggests.

This summer season, PFC performs in New York City's Central Park and the Hollywood Bowl earlier than heading to London, Paris and the North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam. The ensemble returns in time to headline the Vancouver Folk Festival in mid-July.

The unbelievable task started in 1999 whilst Grammy winning producer/filmmaker Mark Johnson met Jonathan Walls, collaborator on a records documentary for the National History Museum of Singapore and winner of an Asian TV Award for modifying a fact-based totally series for MTV Asia.

"Our preliminary aim was to elevate money for a movie approximately the lives of road musicians in America," Walls says. "We started via filming road blues singer Roger Ridley in Santa Monica performing the tune 'Stand By Me.' Then we went to New Orleans and discovered blues singer Grandpa Elliott who brought the concord."

Their modest mission quickly evolved right into a peace project that took then foreign places to film and document extra than one hundred street musicians. In the start, they accompanied their noses and started to conceptualize as they went. Traveling with mild-weight digital gear, they were attracted to performers in surprising locations. Walls recollects coming across Los Patricians in an open-air market in Spain with the aid of following the group to their exuberant track. In like way, they took place upon a choir in South Africa, a cellist in Russia, a soul singer in Amsterdam, Native American drummers on a reservation, and the Three Exile Brothers in Dharamshala, India, the northern tip of the u . S . A . Wherein Tibetan refugees locate solitude.

Their incredible adventure took Johnson and Walls from Cape Town, South Africa to Dublin, Ireland and from Katmandu, Nepal to Tel Aviv, Israel, 12 nations in all. Along the way, they filmed and recorded exterior in towns, parks, and villages and accumulated a retinue of musicians hitherto unknown outdoor their communities who headlined England's Glastonbury Festival.

The band resonates with the power of people craving to live in "Peace Through Music." Each performer has a tale, possibly none greater precise than that of aged singer/harmonica participant Grandpa Elliott, who had now not ventured out of doors his native land of New Orleans in 50 years. Walls and Johnson were taking walks within the French Quarter with their equipment once they heard his booming voice and trailed it till they observed him. In a metropolis vibrant with proper musicians on every corner, he stood out. Now taking part in studies he in no way may want to have imagined, Grandpa Elliott is a member of a visiting band that travels this u . S . And Canada in  massive buses, one for the system and gadgets, the alternative for the performers and crew.

Walls famous that destiny plans contain travelling Europe and South Africa with the musicians they to start with located there. Along with bringing together people keen to reap peace through their mutual love of song, PFC has established a separate non-earnings agency to construct song colleges for kids global, the maximum current in Mali. The possibilities, it seems, are endless.


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