Saturday, June 15, 2019

AIDS - Evidence is Accumulating

Evidence is amassing that the HIV virus is an immune machine illness annoyed and worsened by current conduct and a sedentary life-style. Some people exposed in no way get it.

Others contract the virus but remain healthy. This is due to the fact they've strong immune structures, and are capable of combat if off. It is my belief, primarily based on numerous studies findings, that what we name Aids is actually the result of big nutrient deficiencies due to the HIV virus. Research has shown that even as malnutrition is a trademark of full blown AIDS, dietary abnormalities additionally arise early in HIV ailment. Doctor K. Baum, together with colleagues form the University of Miami School of Medicine, and the University of Alabama at Birmingham examined blood stages of nutrients a, e, b6, b12 and zinc in early identified HIV-high-quality sufferers.

The researchers observed that when the patients have been given advocated every day allowances (authorities-encouraged dosages) of these nutrients, they had been nevertheless observed to be poor. It become no longer till once they acquired six to then times the RDA did most people have normal stages.

Without crucial nutrients, a entire breakdown of the immune machine is forthcoming, and the body succumbs to opportunistic cancers and infections. Like a crack within the sidewalk this is widened and worsened by means of weather and pollution, the HIV virus takes gain of environmental and dietary pollution that weaken the body's capability to combat back. As long as deficiencies are present, the affected person can't heal.

Numerous factors contribute to AIDS. The trouble starts offevolved with diet and mineral deficiencies, criminal and unlawful drugs, "fast lane" dwelling, vaccinations, steroids, beginning manipulate tablets and recurrent sexually transmitted sicknesses that allow commonly harmless bacteria to multiply into toxic amounts. All beat down the immune device in order that exposure to HIV can mean a demise sentence.

Thankfully, there are docs available determined to show the sector HIV and AIDS do no longer should be demise sentences. They are those who've purple the research, stepped out of the percent and used mega-vitamins and way of life tips to deal with their sufferers.

In one have a look at conducted by means of Brighthope, M.D. Of Melbourne, Australia, the lives of 18 out of 20 AIDS patients and all 100 aids related complex sufferers he treated were prolonged he prescribes big intravenous doses of vitamin C to start with, plus numerous different vitamins, minerals and herbs, in addition to exercising to attain these outcomes.

A man tormented by AIDS for five years got here to Joan Priestley, M.D., a practising health practitioner In LA California. The man's docs told him his case turned into terminal and he had 5 months to stay. He became laid low with intense weight reduction and diarrhea and turned into ravaged by infections and an intestinal disorder. Today, over 365 days after beginning competitive treatment with the Dr. The man is symptom-free and has regained forty kilos.

Dr.Robert Cathcart III of Los Altos, California, become approached by way of a man stricken by night time sweats and fever, His low T-mobile rely alerted the Dr. To test for the HIV virus. The Dr. Is a pioneer inside the use of diet C remedy for contamination. Fifteen months after starting intravenous diet C treatments, the affected person's T-cellular count number rose from beneath 300 to 600. He turned into elated, and celebrated when he went a 12 months without having a chilly or flu.

My factor here is to illustrate that a growing wide variety of docs are successfully treating AIDS. Do no longer accept questionable conventional treatment when you may increase your probabilities of survival by means of looking out of doors of orthodoxy.


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